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Welcome to West End Counseling Associates

We have been in Forest Grove for 29 years. We love Forest Grove but you don’t have to live here to become one of our clients, Forest Grove is the community center for western Washington County and some parts of Yamhill, Tillamook and Columbia counties which means we happily serve people from all of these communities.


Hasn't 2020 been challenging in more ways than any of us imagined? We are COVID prepared here at West End. Arranging for video sessions, Face-Time, Google Duo or Zoom is possible with all of us provided your technology can be complimentary. Some folks out in Gales Creek for example don't have reliable internet connections but if you do, we can!

In 1991 Tracy Waters made the decision to open West End Counseling Associates in Forest Grove because she realized there was a serious shortage of clinicians in western Washington County. If a person is to make it counseling it MUST be HANDY! So that's why West End was born and why it continues to thrive.

Forest Grove

Forest Grove Theater

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