Jenny Park

The practice of being human is utterly challenging and incredibly complex. I offer empathetic support for individuals, couples, and families who frequently fall back into their own negative thought patterns and family dynamics. Using a mix of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychology, and a Family Systems approach, I can help you recognize and better understand how an individual action may affect yourself and others. 

I am highly experienced with working with veterans, children, and families, people of color, and offer Korean speaking sessions when needed. I am passionate about working with new mothers who are struggling with isolation, postpartum depression, and marital issues during the first few years of their child's life.

Taking the first step to change may feel daunting and scary but I thrive on supporting my clients to take that leap of faith. Talk therapy has the healing power to mend our emotional, mental, and even physical selves. Let’s work together to develop attainable goals and feel empowered to grow. Please be kind to yourself today.

I can be reached at