Tracy has more than 27 years of professional counseling experience working with women, children and their families. Prior to launching West End, Tracy worked in a variety of treatment settings with all kinds of people, giving her a broad foundational base. “Empowering women to be in the Driver’s seat of their own lives is the work I LOVE most & do best”, Tracy says. Now at West End, she’s the primary manager assigning new requests for service to the most appropriate of the Associates. The depth of expertise and clinical savvy amongst the current Associates is exceptional.

Tracy has studied with many prominent teachers in the field of clinical social work and psychology. Jean Shinoda Bolen, John Briere, Donald Meichenbaum and Lonnie Barbach are just a few. She uses mostly Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Rational Emotive Therapy. For folks unfamiliar with this jargon, it means this: The way we think affects the way we feel. If we can tinker with the way we think about things and  perhaps change it somewhat, it can change the way we feel about what's unfolding in front of us, or behind us for that matter. We can resolve OLD STUFF with which we're ready to be finished too.

Once you make the leap, go ahead and request an appointment, you’ll find Tracy has a very practical approach to problem solving, which is always informed by an almost rowdy sense of humor. Sifting and sorting your life experience with an eye to symptom relief, the manifestation of more joy and less suffering is always the goal. But it’s you, the client who determines the focus and emphasis of the work. We attend to your concerns, period.

Tracy has been part of the western Washington County community since 1988 and has developed a genuine affection for the people and culture of the place.

Tracy Waters